Easy way to share your motion graphics on Instagram

While this tip may seem obvious or unneeded, I see a lot of people posting videos on Instagram that are shot directly from their computer monitor to their phone’s camera. While this may be the easiest way, it looks completely tacky and unprofessional. AeGuru has your back with a simple quick tip. There are many ways of quickly transferring files from a computer to your phone. Many people will simply email it to themselves and download from the mail app. This is fine and dandy but I think I have a better way to share your motion graphics on Instagram.

First, if your an aspiring motion graphic artist or a motion graphic professional you should probably have Quicktime Pro. If you don’t, pay the measly $20 and get it now. It does wonders for (near) lossless video compression. You should be able to get a 15 second Instagram video down to about 1mb with ease.

Next, download the Dropbox apps for your computer and phone or tablet. Accounts are free so you have no excuses here. After installation you should have a shortcut to your Dropbox on your computer’s desktop. Drag in your compressed video file, after a short time it will pop up in your dropbox on your phone where it can be downloaded.

I hope you find this useful. Remember to tag your motion graphics work on Instagram with #AeGuru for a chance to be featured on our page. We are even working on a section of our website to display all videos tagged with #AeGuru. When it’s up, there will be no excuses for filmed computer screens playing motion graphics.



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