Introducing AeGuru – A Motion Graphics Community





My name is Jeff, among other things I am a motion graphic artist. After Effects Guru began as my second Instagram account, where I curated motion graphics pieces from the motion graphics community. It was meant to help give artists some exposure and as another means to network with one another. I’ve always encouraged artists of all skill levels to participate so that we may grow as individuals and as a motion graphics community.
Although we are aficionados of all types animation, be it 2D, traditional, 3D, or stop motion, this blog will focus on After Effects plugins and scripts. We will be posting plugin reviews, render tests, community contests, and hopefully tons of awesome content that anyone can be a part of. The main goal of AeGuru will always remain, a place where motion graphics artists can display their work.
If you have an article you would like to see on AeGuru or you would like a plugin or script reviewed please contact me at