Easy way to share your motion graphics on Instagram

While this tip may seem obvious or unneeded, I see a lot of people posting videos on Instagram that are shot directly from their computer monitor to their phone’s camera. While this may be the easiest way, it looks completely tacky and unprofessional. AeGuru has your back with a simple quick tip. There are many ways […]

How The AeGuru Logo Animation Was Made

Free Template | Project Files: Download HereRequirements: After Effects CC 2015, Trapcode FormRecommended: Optical Flares, Shine, Starglow  Many of you have likely seen this effect used before, Trapcode particular or form being used to animate in or out of a logo. While it is likely an After Effects cliché at this point, clichés become clichés because they […]

Introducing AeGuru – A Motion Graphics Community

My name is Jeff, among other things I am a motion graphic artist. After Effects Guru began as my second Instagram account, where I curated motion graphics pieces from the motion graphics community. It was meant to help give artists some exposure and as another means to network with one another. I’ve always encouraged artists of […]